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Hello and welcome to our home, a home dedicated to making your home safer and healthier. At Unique Water Systems we manage the sales and installation of quality water filtration systems for your home. A tool that is greatly underutilized around the country. Learn more and see why investing in whole house water filtration systems might be best for your body.

Why The Need For Whole A Whole House Water Filtration System Is So Great

Many people in larger cities with great water filtration systems in place take their drinking water for granted. They also assume that it is safe. This might be a great mistake. A recent article in USA Today found that 63 million people in the US have unsafe drinking water. That is a huge amount of people for a first world country.
That is at least 20% of Americans.
If you have never lived in an area where water isn’t safe to drink, you might be left confused when a person comes over and asks if the tap water is safe to drink. Pay attention when you have out of town visitors and see if they ask if your tap water is safe to drink or if they ask where to get water from. Most of the time this is because they have lived, or still live, somewhere with unsafe drinking water.
Do you know if you are among the 20% of Americans with unsafe drinking water?
You might be surprised by the problems that can develop with a water system, whether it is bad pipes at your home, or a problem at the local water filtration plant, even big cities can have problems with water quality.
If you want safe water, than you need to have a whole house water filter.

What We Offer

At Unique Water Systems, we offer whole house water filtration systems that are known for their quality. When these systems are installed in your home’s water system, you will have filtered water available around the whole house from the best water filter. From your bathroom sink to your kitchen, water will be clean throughout the house.
One of the things that your whole house water filtration system will get rid of is carcinogenic gaseous chemicals and many other chemical threats. This is extremely important when you are bathing in water, as your whole body is being exposed to these chemicals.
What else is filtered out?
• Water Build Up
• Diseases
• Cleaning Chemicals
• Drying Agents
• Salt
• Water Softeners
The best benefit? No more water bottles. You won’t have to rely on prepacked water to get the quality or taste that you want.
A major concern when buying a water filter is the frequency of needing to change the filter. Whole house filters from Unique Water Systems do not require a monthly service or changing. You won’t even have to change them yearly. Our state of the art filters are capable of lasting between three to four years in the average home.

Why Shouldn’t You Use A Salt Or Chemical Cleaners?

A lot of cities use chemical water purification for their utilities systems. One of the most common chemicals to use is chlorine. There are a lot of disadvantages to these chemical cleaners. The most that people notice without performing research is that there is a weird taste to chemically treated water. A taste that isn’t natural.
Chemical cleaners also have a lot of harmful ingredients that can damage the body. Most of these purifying chemicals won’t do anything immediately or any time soon. But over a lifetime, the amount of the chemical
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